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Vintage postcards for sale to collectors of subject and topographic real photographs postcards. Collecting old vintage postcards is a wonderful, rewarding hobby suitable for all ages, genres and budgets. It never surprises me what anyone chooses to collect in this hobby. This is often brought about by someones past career, where they used to live and where they used to travel. Then you get the ones who collect pigs, cats and dogs and other four legged creatures.

A thankless task for the dealer who buys in hope more than expectation and will often seek the answer by carrying so many boxes of postcards it takes them 30-minutes to unload and set-up. But the more postcards you carry the more chance you will have what the collectors want. But having the right postcards is one thing, they also have to be priced to sell.

It’s not uncommon for buyers to ask for a discount. Anything £10.00 or above and you would likely get some discount from the dealer. But I always remember when a lady at a fair was asking for a discount on a £3.00 postcard. I was next to her and started to feel very uncomfortable. The dealers face was a picture. He insisted it was only £3.00 and no room for discount. When you consider what he paid for the postcard, travel and table costs at the fair the dealer is correct. ‘I would rather keep it madam than sell it for less’ was his message.

Two interesting things happened. The lady walked away in disgust and the dealer put the postcard behind him in a box not back in stock. If she changes here mind and comes back and searches for the postcard it won’t be there to buy. Well done the dealer! You have to bear in mind what the dealers haver to do to source these postcards for collectors. They travel the country all times of the day trying to find fresh stock and then someone wants to buy them for next to nothing?

You get the same situation trading online. Buyers offering me £10.00 for a £25.00 postcard that probably cost me £15.00. When I make offers I try and be sensible. Consider what price I can get for the postcard on a quick sale or, if I priced it higher how long would it take to sell? Cheaper postcards will always find a home quicker than more expensive postcards. Many collectors would refuse to pay more than their budget allows and that’s fine!

We have Vintage Postcards For Sale but we do not sell all types of postcards. We focus on real photographic topographical from the British Isles. We also sell subject postcards which are also real photographic. Most are located but you will find some postcards in the social history section that will be unlocated. Social history is such a broad spectrum and you will find lovely harvesting scenes, and gypsy scenes in our stock. These postcards tell a story and that’s what makes them so popular.

If you are looking for a specific town or village then let us know. We will make a mental note and if we see quality postcards that match your wants and they are priced right we will buy them. No obligation to you. If they are quality postcards we are happy to keep to keep them in stock. Good postcards always find a home. If you have vintage postcards to sell you can take some photos on your mobile phone and send them to us via WhatsApp. Just use the details on our Contact Us page.

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