Durham Postcards For Sale

County Durham postcards for sale. Vintage postcards from the golden era and later for sale to postcard collectors of the Durham area. If you are a buyer of postcards of the County Durham region and then we hope you will find the postcards we have for sale of interest to you. Our Durham postcard stock is always evolving as we seek out new additions from various sources to add to our postcard listings.

Durham: 0001
Gateshead, Durham Road
Condition: stamp missing
Posted: 1959
Publisher: Valentines
Price: £12.00
Postage: Free to UK

Durham: 0002
Neasham Village
Condition: Album corner indentation
Posted: 1912
Publisher: No
Price: £18.00
Postage: Free to UK

Durham: 0003
Fishburn Colliery and Coke Ovens
Condition: Good
Posted: No
Publisher: Millar & Lang, Glasgow
Price: £18.00
Postage: Free to UK

Durham: 0004
Gateshead, Whitehall Road
Condition: Corner creasing, knock to top edge, franking indentation
Posted: 1912
Publisher: Johnson Bros
Price: £25.00
Postage: Free to UK

Durham: 0005
Stockton-on-Tees Railway Station
Condition: Good
Posted: No but written on and dated 1915
Publisher: WHS
Price: £30.00
Postage: Free to UK

Durham: 0006
Hamsterley Village
Condition: Corner wear, writing indentation
Posted: Yes
Publisher: Johnston Bros, Gateshead
Price: SOLD
Postage: Free to UK

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