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UK postcards for sale with focus on real photographic topographical and subject postcards. If you are a collector of UK postcards then we cover England, Wales, Scotland and Northern Ireland. Our postcard stock reflects the better real photographic postcards although you may see the odd printed postcard if we think it may hold real interest to collectors.

Although many postcard collectors avoid printed postcards you do find some fine examples. You will find animated street scenes, social history and railway stations as good examples where printed postcards can be very collectable. Although nothing in my opinion can replace real photographic I can certainly understand collectors who add printed postcards to their collection.

It’s not uncommon for the only postcard every published of a specific local building or landmark to be in printed format. So what does the collector do if this is the only example. I know this personally because there is a printed postcard of a local Drill Hall that has recently been demolished in my area. I have seen the printed postcard of this drill hall maybe 6 times over the last 40-years but waited until I found a real photographic example.

40-Years on I am not convinced there was ever a real photographic postcard of this building. Now I have decided to bite the bullet and buy the next printed version I came across. The trouble is I have never seen a printed postcard for the last 5-years? Now I regret not buying them when I saw them before. Maybe this is a lesson that we can all learn from.

I think all collectors can relate to a situation where they saw a postcard early on during a fair and decided to ignore it just in case you saw something better. You don’t find that better postcard so you go back and the one you ignored is no longer there? This has happened to me so many times over the years, I just don’t learn my lesson. It’s a dilemma because you may have a budget and you don’t want to blow it all at the first stall!

I remember visiting the York fair when it first started and you could pay a premium to get in early. The first stall I came to was a well known dealer who always had something special for the big fairs. He would build up this special stock for this fair. I spent all my budget in 20-minutes at his stall so that was me wiped out. It was a 2-day fair and I was broke in 20-minutes.

I had no regrets, the postcards I bought were special. I spent the rest of the day going through other dealers stock hoping and praying I would not find something better…and I didn’t. It’s a risky business but that day the sun was shining on the righteous. It just goes t o show how this hobby can get hold of you and you get a little obsessed with finding those elusive postcards and you will do everything you can to get them.

Now I’m in my 60’s everything is very chilled. I don’t queue up at fairs anymore and just arrive in a chilled out, comfortable sense of well being and float around t he fair at my own pace. If I find something that’s fine, if not then we will try again at the next fair. I suppose that is one of the benefits of getting older, taking things in your stride and in no mad panic to do anything. I see other collectors running around in a panic with a determined look on their face. The sad thing is that used to be me!

Anyway, another trip down postcard memory way. If you’re interested in real photographic British topographical postcards then we have UK Postcards For Sale in all counties plus a section os real photographic subject postcards. If you have UK Postcards For Sale then please feel free to Contact Us at your earliest convenience.

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