Are Old Postcards Worth Anything

Are old postcards worth anything is a very popular question and the simple answer would be yes. Every postcard has some value, maybe not monetary in all cases but value…yes! Even the most common, mundane postcards of views of hills and seas can have value. This maybe because of the photographer, publisher, stamp, postmark or the actual message. While one postcard collector may completely ignore it, another may see something of interest that others haven’t. Just because you find a postcard boring and of no interest does not mean others will agree.

You can have one postcard in a 500 postcard shoebox which is worth many times more than the other 499 put together. This is why I say to anyone, never throw them away. I get so many calls from people in possession of old postcards who were willing to conveniently throw them away rather than go to the inconvenience of making a quick call to me. There is nothing as strange as folk, and I can tell you many stories of the last 40-years of surprised people when I give a valuation.

Feel free to Contact Me by making a quick call, send an email or any images you have of your postcards that need valuing via WhatsApp. I will do the rest. Just take a selection of photographs, I will do the rest. If I need any additional information I will let you know. Once I have seen everything I can give you an honest valuation.

Another option is to take them to a dedicated postcard fair in your area where you have a number of dealers at your disposal. You can ask a selection for a valuation so you get a good idea of their value. Once you have this information you can choose to sell or keep them in the family. Bear in mind they are dealers, not collectors and will make a value based on their worth and a profit margin for the dealer.

Auction houses are very different. The online auctions are very simple to use and you can list your postcards at a price that suits you. It’s possible you could either undervalue them or over value them in which case they will not sell. If you get a lot of bids then you have priced them competitively and the market will give them their real value on the hammer. If they don’t sell then you can re-list them at a lower price to find their correct price level.

Land based auctioneers are very different. They will give your postcards an honest valuation but ensure the starting price attracts bids. The last thing they want is unsold lots due to overpricing of the reserve price. It’s in the interest of the auctioneer to give you the best price because this is how they make their money. The seller pays commission along with the buyer. Understand that auctions are where many dealers buy so they are always looking for a bargain to increase profit margins.

I hope this article has given you some options on how to find out the real value of your postcards. Everything has some value and you may be delighted with any valuation. On the other hand you maybe disappointed and thought you had some postcards in your possession worth considerably more. This is why so many find postcards so fascinating. Nothing is set in stone, especially their value!

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